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DEATH TO ALL TOUR 2013 Berlin-Jena-London

Oh dear, this post is special to me!

The original Death logo was created by Chuck S...

The original Death logo was created by Chuck Schuldiner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you heard of the European Death To All Tour? NO? This was a tour with the Human-Era line-up paying tribute to late legendary vocalist and guitarist Chuck Shuldiner. The lovely Chuck Shuldiner. He is totally the reason why I am listening to Death metal these days.

When I first read that Death will play in Berlin I couldn’t believe my eyes! Of course it is not death but it is very close to it! This holy gig was performed by bassist Steve DiGiorgio, guitarist Paul Masvidal, drummer Sean Reinert and Cynic’s vocalist Max Phelps.This show was supported by Obscura (ger) and Darkrise who accompanied the tour. First I asked myself If Chuck would agree with all this if he looked down on us but personally I experienced this gig as very respectful towards Chucks legacy and holy crap I ALWAYS WANTED TO LISTEN TO DEATH SONGS LIVE! That was one of my biggest dreams since I’ve been listening to their music and this November 2013  it was going to become real!

I was really excited the day of the gig! I felt like a 14 year old school girl again going out for the first time. The whole day I was watching interviews with Chuck and the original Death as well as watching old music videos on youtube! I was getting myself into the mood for the night I was about to experience.

This gig in Berlin was unbelievably great! Especially because I had my best friends with me which is always nice plus it’s a must to completely enjoy the night! Berlin was going crazy from the first song onwards. Luckily I made it to the front row which meant I had everyone behind me before the moshing began. Anyway I was moving from the left to the right…listening to that great fucking music of once lovely Chuck!!!I was in heaven!

You think I’M crazy? Maybe…I don’t care because it was getting even more crazy !

After the gig a friend and I decided to go to the next DTA gig in Jena in a weeks time. said, done! One week later I was standing in the first row in Jena headbanging and singing along to same songs again. this time without a mosh pit behind us…….I don’t know why, but the crowd in Jena wasn’t mooving much. After the concert we went to the next door pub for a few beers where Max showed up. I had the chance to talk for a bit to him ad asked some questions I had in my head. Nice highlight!

Anyway…we drove back home to Berlin the same night and arrived on friday morning 6:30…happy and tired. 🙂

The next day I attached the Death patch I’ve bought in Jena to my jacket and thought about the next city they might play. I looked it up and saw that they were playing London next Tuesday…Three times lucky I thought to myself and booked the fucking flight to London!!! Especially because I used to live in London for a year it was like a home game for me and couldn’t wait! A friend of mine from London came along too so we headed out to the F-Forum in Kentish Town together.  I absolutely loved the atmosphere and was so happy I was crazy enough to come out again to see them play! I loved it and wished I could just go on with them for the last days of the tour. I loved it and wished that I could just carry on and see the rest of their tour. God I felt like a teenager… but it’s just my love for their music! I can’t help it and I don’t want to either because this is what we all should live for! Something we absolutely adore! Passion!!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a photopass hence the reason why I don’t have any nice pictures for you this time and only crappy ones. However I did get some nice videos! Check it out if you like!!!

Love & Peace



Berlin – a great bass solo of DiGiorgio

Berlin- „Spiritual healing“ with singer of german Band Obscura

Berlin – Memory of lovely Chuck Shuldiner

London – „Spirit Crusher“ (completely) @ F-Forum

„Pull the plug“ and the tour manager Eric Greif saying hello to London

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